framed panorama of sunflowers above a couch

SAMPLE PRICING (prices may change)
Fine Art Work $
Sunflower pan* shown at left, 15" x 80" on canvas, wood framed


Sunflower pan* 15" x 80" on canvas, print only $175
Sunflower pan* 10.5 x 40" matted, metal frame, acrylic cover $150
Sunflower pan* 10.5 x 40" matted , print only $75
"Falls in Autumn,"** wood framed Giclée on canvas, 22 x 28" $195
"Falls in Autumn,"** metal frame matted inkjet print 22 x 28" glass cover $170
"Falls in Autumn,"** double matted inkjet print, 16 x 20" $58
"Falls in Autumn,"** single matted, 8 x 10" $15
Sunflower place mat (below), 12 x 17" (links to others below) $13

*"Sunflowers and Cayuga Lake"

** Taughannock Falls in Autumn

• Products include prints (matted and/or framed), place mats, & note cards. Digital copies of images may be purchased for limited use.

• Archival prints are made on an Epson Stylus Pro 7800 wide format printer.

• Media for prints include: inkjet paper (various surfaces), canvas, and backlight film.

• Other than finding and taking the pictures, I do all of the work in my home studio. For a picture of my studio see About Us.

• Please contact me by email or telephone to discuss your needs and get a price quotation. Contact information may be found in the link below.


dinner table place setting on a fine art sunflower placemat

Enhance your dinner table with fine art place mats.

Available placemats: Local(NY) or Not Local